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Some help to find the galleries in the menu:

Kezdőlap -> Homepage
Here we post to which gallery we uploaded new photos, and informaton about our future meetings.
If required, we gonna make these posts bilingual.

Az Egyesületről -> About us
The story and the management of our association
On “Egyesületi fotók” page you can find the galleries of the photos were taken in the association’s meetings.

Publikációk -> Publications
Articles of our members, which were published in hungarian magazines, and the magazine of our association (“Gyűjtői hírek”)

NEW PAGE in publications -> Book Review (Könyvajánló)
books from all over the world!

Karjelvények-> Patches (from all over the world)
structured galleries

Kitüntetések, jelvények -> Medals, Citations, Accomedations, Awards, Decorations
structured galleries 

Fegyverzet -> Armament
structured galleries

Egyenruhák -> Uniforms
structured galleries

Rendőrségi járművek -> Police vehicles
structured galleries

Rendőrség-történet képekben ->Customs and Traditions –  old photos from the police-history
structured galleries

Papírrégiségek -> Antique documents
structured galleries

Egyéb tárgyak -> Memorabilia –   old items and accessories from the police-history
structured galleries

Gyűjtőtársak -> Our members, who allowed us to show their contact data on our website. If you want your data to be here and need an english application form, please send an email to

Linkek -> Our foreigner twinnig associations, and hungarian museums, where you can find historical police relics and insignias.

Kapcsolat -> Contact form

Vendégkönyv -> Guestbook
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In case of any question or request, please do not hesitate to contat us through the Contact form, or direct email (

We do hope you gonna enjoy browsing in our galleries, in which altogether almost 10 000 photos are uploaded at this moment.


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